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Teenage Lion

I shall explain. Well I am a teenager. I will be 16 on January 18th. And the ‘Lion’ part. Well actually my friend Craig started calling me Lion because I have naturally curly red hair and it is really long and think and most times kinda messy. But he thought that was hilarious. I didn’t mind. But the real reason I have it as Teenage Lion is because I have always found lions to have a bold heart, brave, and courageous. And for being a high school student… those things aren’t easy. But I am not afraid to speak my mind. It can be scary. But then again, it’s only high school.

Well Hello There!

Well, I just created a blog of my own. This should be fun. Thanks for reading this and I invite you to join me on my adventures in the jungle of everyday life. Thanks 🙂


(Charley Sage… Me)